No bilateral cricket series on Indian or Pakistani soil: Amit Shah

Pakistan cricket team

Pakistan cricket team

The BJP president said, the two countries will continue to play against each other in global tournaments but neither India plays in Pakistan nor Pakistan plays in India. We also know that given the eyeballs an India-Pakistan final will generate, this Champions Trophy match-up is a dream come true for the broadcasters.

Cricket captain Virat Kohli, who is leading the men-in-blue for the first time in a major International Cricket Council (ICC) tournament, wished his hockey counterparts the best ahead of the marquee clash.

And the former Pakistan all-rounder insisted all the burden of expectation was now on India's shoulders. Does he mean fixing has taken place or does he mean people involved with running the game have created conditions for them to progress to the final?

"India have the upper hand in ICC tournaments", he admitted before adding: "But things can change, and this is the time for us to change the tag that we don't perform well at ICC events".

"It is massive", said Azhar.

Against Pakistan, India have enjoyed success in the recent past.

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"But (now) on the biggest stage it is India v Pakistan".

On the eve of the grand final, the players from both sides were seen in a jolly mood.

"We play with no pressure".

However, it would not be an easy one for the Men in Blue to defend their title as they would face a charged-up and equally confident Pakistan, who surprised everyone by beating favourites England in the first semi-final at Cardiff on Wednesday. "But coach gave us that confidence during the break saying there's still 30 minutes to go and nothing is lost yet".

"India, Pakistan will continue to play at worldwide tournaments but neither India will play in Pakistan nor Pakistan will play in India", said Shah.

"I believe in my boys ... if we win it would be a great gift to the whole nation".

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