The US Has A New Personal Best For Renewable Energy Use

Renewables in Asia: Opportunities and Challenges

Renewables in Asia: Opportunities and Challenges

The general public has a huge appetite for Renewable Energy investments and with ISS being the largest and most sophisticated developer of Solar Farm projects it just makes sense that large funds would be created as vehicles to allow smaller investors to finally recognize the large profits that larger institutional type investors have been able to recognize on Utility Scale Solar Farms for decades now.

Switching from fossil fuels to renewables is at the core of sustainability efforts. This corresponds particularly well to the needs of developing economies that require new capacity at a fast pace to keep up with growth.

The region's power sector is undergoing a seismic shift, with renewable energy at the heart of this. In fact, in several nations, including Denmark, Egypt, India, Mexico, Peru and the UAE, the price of renewables is now cheaper than fossil fuel production.

Renewables tend to surge in the spring, as the season brings more sunlight and wind to some parts of the country. Some countries are also helping to de-bottleneck the development cycle by streamlining bureaucratic processes, investing in grid capacity and freeing up land for renewable development, all of which has helped raise investor confidence. Among the states, Texas is the biggest producer of wind power and California of solar power.

Furthermore, the country offers a feed-in tariff for solar power and it offers developers a 20-year power purchase agreement with a fixed tariff as well as mandatory grid connection through the Renewable Energy Development Act (REDA).

"We definitely have installed more wind and solar over the past year", he said.

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The Carnarvon Distributed Energy Resources trial - for which Horizon is now looking to recruit about 90 eligible participants with rooftop solar on their homes - is focused mainly on understanding how cloud movements impact on solar PV generation, and how this then affects the network. Partners Group estimates that 5 GW needs to be built to meet this target, with less than 1 GW now in construction.

He expressed delight that the federal government had keyed into the renewable energy sector. "A growing investment in batteries, which help store wind and solar energy for use at times when the wind isn't blowing and the sun isn't shining, also contributes to the projected transition". "Get the government out of it and get back to private enterprise", the Murray Energy chief executive told CNNMoney after applauding Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

But make no mistake, that won't always be the case. The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates solar and wind alone will account for a slightly less optimistic 21% of the world's total by then.

Alongside the growth of renewable generation capacities, supporting technologies such as storage will also continue their impressive growth. The 100% wind, solar, and hydroelectric power system envisions more than 150,000 5-MW turbines permitted and built offshore without delays.

One of the key problems of a totally reliable grid is keeping up with demand, even if winds slow or clouds cover solar panels.

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