UK's Jane Austen banknote doesn't seem to understand Pride And Prejudice

Britain unveils Jane Austen bank note on anniversary

Britain unveils Jane Austen bank note on anniversary

On Tuesday, the Bank of England unveiled a new, 10-pound bank note that features Austen, illustrations of her writing table and brother Edward Austen Knight's home, and a quote from her famed novel, Pride and Prejudice.

This event took place at Winchester Cathedral, the city where Austen passed away in 1817. The element in the note had created an issue with vegans and some religious groups questioning it after its launch in last September.

Bank notes are already in tiered sizes, and have bold numerals, raised print and differing colours to help blind and partially sighted people.

The new £10 note, which is made of polymer, will enter circulation on 14th September.

More information on the new note is available on The New Ten website. Or-and we're just spitballing here-Jane Austen?

The bank note, like Austen's work, isn't devoid of humor - the selected quote, "I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!" was spoken by Miss Caroline Bingley, Elizabeth Bennett's rival who never actually enjoyed literature, instead only pretending to be a book lover to woo the wealthy Mr. Darcy.

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The Bank of England has praised the new notes for being waterproof and having enhanced security features. She was chosen after a campaign for more female representation.

Apart from Queen Elizabeth II, whose portrait is on all United Kingdom currency, Austen is only the third woman to feature on a modern-day British bank note, after medical innovator Florence Nightingale and social reformer Elizabeth Fry. It's an author publicity portrait painted after she died in which she's been given the Georgian equivalent of an airbrushing-she's been subtly 'improved.'"Portrait of Jane Austen dated 1810".

Jane Austen, one of Britain's best-loved and most famous authors, is still widely-read today all over the world. "It works on many levels".

"Her novels have an enduring and universal appeal and she is recognised as one of the greatest writers in English literature".

The Bank has held off signing supply contracts for the polymer £20 note, so they can explore the suggested plant-based substitutes.

Those holding the current 10-pound note, which features Charles Darwin, have only until the spring 2018 before they are withdrawn.

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