Australian PM: Terror Plot To Bring Down Plane Foiled

Four men, who were identified as Khaled Merhi, Abdul Merhi, Khaled Khayat and Mahmoud Khayat, were arrested.

Speaking to Sky News, Justice Minister Keenan said that security would be tightened for the foreseeable future, causing delays for both domestic and worldwide travellers, but they would ensure that Australia's "world-leading" security and intelligence agencies can keep people safe.

Passengers should limit the amount of carry-on and checked baggage they travel with as this will help to ensure security screening is efficient.

Melbourne Airport issued a statement yesterday advising departing passengers to arrive two hours before their scheduled departures to allow time for the ramped up screening measures.

"Some of the measures will be obvious to the public, some will not be", Mr Turnbull said.

Police raided five homes Saturday and removed a domestic grinder and a mincer used to make sausage, the newspaper said.

Judicial authorities in Sydney granted police an extension on the period of detention for four men, arrested in a series of police raids in Australia's biggest city on Saturday night but yet to be charged.

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Late on Sunday, police said they had been granted a special seven-day extension in the New South Wales Magistrates Court to continue interrogating the four suspects without pressing charges.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin said details were scant on the specifics of the attack, the location and timing.

He said additional security measures were implemented at Sydney Airport earlier in the week, and that more airfields had increased security overnight.

The 2014 Lindt cafe siege in Sydney, in which the hostage-taker and two people were killed, was Australia's most deadly violence inspired by the so-called Islamic State. The offences are not related to the alleged plane bomb plot.

At Melbourne Airport Australian Federal Police officers are patrolling the terminals alongside airport staff conducting random bag searches before the check-in point.

Australia's terrorism threat level hasn't been changed following the raids.

"It'll be alleged that that this was an Islamist extremist, terrorist motivation", the prime minister said. "You can expect longer delays to make sure that more screening is being done on baggage", he said.

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