Huge Perseid meteor shower seen over UK

If you can see through the clouds, there's a meteor shower happening tonight in Ireland

If you can see through the clouds, there's a meteor shower happening tonight in Ireland

The weather will be handsome for viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower.

Star gazers in India are in for a treat as the annual Perseid Meteor Shower peaks on the night of August 12 through the morning of August 13.

The clouds cleared across many areas of the United Kingdom to give astronomy fans a glimpse of the stunning shower, and the stunning spectacle was also visible across Europe. On a clear night before the moon rises, look up for your best chance to see fireballs streaking across the heavens.

Seen from the Earth, the Perseids appear to originate from one place in the north-east known as the "radiant" which happens to be near the constellation Perseus.

The Swift-Tuttle comet orbits the sun every 135 years but at nearly 90 degrees to the orbit of the Earth. So the viewing rate will be more like 30 to 40 meteors an hour.

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NASA's meteor expert, Bill Cooke, says the Perseids "can be the warm-up act".

The display peaked in the United Kingdom on Saturday and into Sunday, but can be seen all around the world.

It's said to be happening over the next two nights also so have a look and enjoy!

"The Perseids can be very bright and often quite spectacular".

The best opportunity to see the Perseid meteor shower is during the dark, pre-dawn hours of August 13. The debris comes into contact with the Earth's atmosphere, creating a reaction that is similar to that of fireworks, which is what the Perseid meteor shower is responsible for.

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