Omarosa's NABJ Panel Described as 'a Total Mess' by Attendee

White House correspondent April Ryan

White House correspondent April Ryan

These sort of professional media meetups are typically musty affairs with awkward smalltalk and cash bars.

Broadcast journalist Ed Gordon, who moderated the panel, stepped in to salvage the situation when a heated discussion began over the African-American community and police brutality.

Several activists and journalists-including NewsOne's Jamilah Lemieux-turned their backs towards Manigault-Newman as she spoke.

Manigault is a White House liaison in the Trump administration. "I'm not going to let you railroad this". When asked about her work with the Department of Justice on policing issues, Manigault-Newman responded, "Google me".

"I sit at a table where I am not only the only African-American woman, but the only African-American at all", she said, pushing back at questions about how much she was doing for the community.

Moderator and broadcast journalist Ed Gordon stepped in at the last minute, but he sparred with Manigault-Newman, nearly as soon as she stepped on stage.

UNCF President Michael Lomax
UNCF President Michael Lomax

Manigault said that Trump's comments were not acceptable, but when pressed further about their discussions, she said that she would not "disclose confidential conversations with the president of the United States".

While discussing Trump's recent controversial remarks that endorsed police brutality and her thoughts on Freddie Gray's death, Manigault-Newman said she doesn't think "a black boy should be treated the way Freddie Gray was" which led to a debate about how referring to Black men as "boys" strips away their manhood.

"I fight on the front lines every day", Manigault-Newman said, provoking laughter and groans from the audience.

When Gordon turned to the topic of Trump, Manigault-Newman objected. When Mr. Gordon said she was wrong, she replied, "I have it on tape, boo".

Manigualt walked off the stage when Gordon said it was a "quagmire" that had "reached the point of diminished returns", according to The Times. She also reportedly slammed the audience for always assuming the worst about Trump.

NABJ President Sarah Glover at one point faced the audience herself to explain Manigault-Newman's appearance at the conference. She claimed she was there to talk about her personal experience with violence, as some of her family members have been murdered.

One dead after violence in Charlottesville
Jason Kessler , who organized Saturday's "Unite the Right" rally, said he doesn't consider himself to be a white nationalist. The president has received previous criticism for being slow to condemn acts of hate done in his name.

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