Tillerson On Path To Cooperation with Russian Federation and China

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But more than five months into his tenure, Tillerson has not issued a simple request for the money earmarked for the State Department's Global Engagement Center, $60 million of which is now parked at the Pentagon.

As we recently discussed, Trump is giving Putin what he wants in Syria, while simultaneously isolating the United States diplomatically, fracturing Western alliances, largely ignoring Russia's attack on the USA elections - all of which serve Moscow's strategic goals. The foreign affairs professionals at State are dumbfounded that a secretary of state would not be in a hurry to spend money appropriated to his own department.

As current and former officials tell it, Tillerson's hesitation to authorize the funds is the latest example of the suspicion the former ExxonMobil CEO supposedly has for the career officers at State, who feel marginalized by a cabal of outsiders now running the show at Foggy Bottom. "It causes unnecessary delays and confusion", Bruen said.

"We initiated a sustained and continued intensified campaign for what I like to call, peaceful pressure, because the options available to us, I think, as all of you well understand, are limited", Tillerson said. "The U.S. does not respect Russian Federation as much as they respected the USSR", he added.

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Tillerson also defended a broad reorganization of the State Department that he has undertaken. Part of that effort includes consolidating parallel operations and potentially closing certain offices deemed to be redundant or ineffective.

By this reasoning, the U.S. Secretary of State has made a conscious decision not to counter Russian disinformation because he believes Russia wouldn't like it. The White House previously had said Trump would do so, but has not said when. The Global Engagement Center's predecessor office, called the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, was widely derided for producing clumsy videos that were obviously USA government products.

A former senior State Department official told Politico that Tillerson's spokesman, R.C. Hammond, expressed hesitation because Tillerson was working on coming to better terms with Russian Federation over the war in Syria and other sensitive issues. "We hope that، at some point، they will begin to understand that، and we would like to sit and have a dialogue with them about the future that will give them the security they seek and the future economic prosperity for North Korea، but that will then promote economic prosperity throughout Northeast Asia".

The $60 million will expire on September 30 if not transferred to State by then, current and former State Department officials told POLITICO.

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