UN Security Council imposes tough new sanctions on North Korea

US preparing for 'preventive war' with N. Korea: McMaster

US preparing for 'preventive war' with N. Korea: McMaster

The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved tough new sanctions on North Korea on Saturday including a ban on exports worth over $1 billion - a huge bite in its total exports, valued at $3 billion previous year.

"It's going to hit hard but it's going to make a strong point to North Korea that all this ICBM and this nuclear irresponsibility has to stop".

According to ABC News, Haley called the measures "the most stringent set of sanctions on any country in a generation" and the "single largest economic sanctions package" to ever be leveled against North Korea.

With 15 votes in favor, Resolution 2371 was passed unanimously.

The resolution bans North Korea from exporting coal, iron, lead and seafood products estimated to be worth over $1 billion. Other countries will also be barred from increasing the "total number of work authorizations", and banned from creating "new joint ventures" with North Korean businesses or people.

The measure cuts about $1 billion worth of North Korean exports, or about a third of the country's export revenue each year.

"To have China stand with us, along with Japan and South Korea and the rest of the global community telling North Korea to do this, it's pretty impactful". "One thing North Korea is extremely good at is absorbing pain".

US President Donald Trump commended the United Nations council on passing the sanctions, the White House said late Saturday in a statement.

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China fears a spread of USA influence in the region, though China and the US agree on wanting to stop North Korea's nuclear development.

It adds nine North Koreans, mainly officials or representatives of companies and banks, to the United Nations sanctions blacklist, banning their travel and freezing their assets.

While the draft resolution would impose biting economic sanctions, the US didn't get everything it wanted.

North Korea has already faced a decade's worth of ever-increasing sanctions backed by the US and its allies.

The resolution would ban Pyongyang's exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood. It would also impose an asset freeze on two companies and two banks. The Mansudae Overseas Project Group of Companies, which was also added to the list, is described in the draft resolution as engaged in exporting workers for construction, including of monuments, in Africa and Southeast Asia.

The resolution asks the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against North Korea to ban the import of many more so-called dual-use items, which have commercial purposes but can also be used in conventional, biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. "The ball is in North Korea's court".

Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, President Trump's national security adviser, said in an interview Saturday on MSNBC that a military option was still under consideration for dealing with the North Korean threat, but that the United States and its allies wanted first to exhaust all other options to resolve the standoff with Pyongyang peacefully.

China has always insisted on realizing the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, upholding peace and stability there and seeking a solution through dialogue and consultation.

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