49ers' worth surpasses $3 billion

The Bills are (again) the least valuable franchise in the NFL, says Forbes

The Bills are (again) the least valuable franchise in the NFL, says Forbes

However, over the last decade, the Cowboys valuation has grown 220% from $1.50 billion to $4.80 billion, according to the latest valuations by Forbes, while the average franchise has increased 161% from $960 million to $2.50 billion. The league owes this success to new stadium investments, stadium renovations and exuberating rights fees. Their value increased by 3 percent over the past year, rising from $2.9 billion to $3 billion.

Here's a look at the list of the NFL's most valuable franchises. It makes owner Jerry Richardson's team the No. 21 most valuable in the National Football League, two spots up from a year ago.

At nearly $5bn, Jerry Jones' team is the most valuable franchise in any sport worldwide. The team rose in value by 16 percent thanks to the opening of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the sponsorship dollars committed.

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The Panthers had profits of $102 million last season, Forbes said, thanks to ticket sales, merchandise sales and other revenue streams.

The 49ers' inability to draw fans to Levi's Stadium has done little to stunt the continued growth in the value of the franchise, which has topped $3 billion. You'll notice that the Cowboys ($4.8 billion) are almost worth more than the Bengals, Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills combined ($5.1 billion).

Globally, according to Forbes' rankings of July, the Cowboys are followed by baseball's New York Yankees at US$3.7 billion, a figure the Patriots have now tied.

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