Condos Says Presidential Election Integrity Commission Has 'Nefarious' Agenda

Donald Trump with Kris Kobach in November 2016

Donald Trump with Kris Kobach in November 2016

A Democratic member of President Donald Trump's commission to investigate possible voter fraud defended his participation on the panel on Tuesday while warning that its mission is being threatened by "extreme partisanship".

Trump established the commission in May after charging, without evidence, that millions voted unlawfully in the November presidential election.

"I have never had any discussions by email or otherwise with General Sessions about the election integrity commission", he said. Plaintiffs in the case argued the law will suppress voter registrations.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla issued the following statement following the second meeting of the President's Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

Temple noted that the attorney general represented on the record, and Assistant Secretary of State David Scanlon represented in his affidavit, that the Secretary of State's Office will make good-faith efforts to ensure that voters are properly informed of SB3's requirements at Tuesday's election."This should include the fact that there are now no penalties, pursuant to this order, for failing to return any documents in connection with same-day voter registration".

There was no mention of the data request during the commission's meeting, which included presentations about historical election turnout data, electronic voting systems and issues affecting public confidence in elections. In a column last week for Breitbart, the Kansas Secretary of State declared that voter fraud tipped the scales in the election a year ago in New Hampshire.

"There's your leap in the logic. The commission does not have the ability to do a Jedi mind trick on a state legislature and force them to adopt anything", he said, the AP reported. Even if it does make recommendations, he said, the commission can't force states to adopt them.

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After all, if a person does not accept that mass voter fraud is a reality in the United States, it would pretty hard to marshal evidence to convince her otherwise: A five-year investigation into voter fraud by the George W. Bush administration turned up exactly 26 instances of the phenomenon; a November 2014 study turned up virtually no evidence of in-person voter fraud; and research conducted by the Brennan Center for Justice that same year uncovered 31 credible allegations of voter fraud for every 1 billion votes cast - a fraction of the number of legal citizens who were denied the right to vote for lacking proper identification during the same time period.

"When pressed to explain further, many simply stated that they were provided a ballot, made their selections on the entire ballot and returned the completed ballot", he said. By all appearances, the Republican president, annoyed about losing the popular vote and comforted by unusual conspiracy theories, created a panel to root out the voter fraud scourge that exists only in conservatives' imaginations.

"It may be that the commission is not able to say we were able to look at all 50 states and here is the size of this particular problem", he said.

Sitting directly next to Kobach was New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, who also said Kobach was wrong to claim fraud without evidence.

Also apparently true: Data given to the commission by the speaker of the state's House showed that 6,540 people registered to vote there on Election Day using an out-of-state ID. As for the allegation that Russian Federation interfered in last year's election, King said that after an investigation: "It needs to be reported and it needs to be reported truthfully and the American people deserve to know".

In a column he wrote for the Breitbart website, Kobach said it was "highly likely" that the election of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Maggie Hassan was "stolen through voter fraud". "I think SB 3 is a good way of addressing the risk". We need tangible proof that can be watched and guarded.

Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap admonished the vice chairman of President Trump's election integrity commission for making unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud in New Hampshire. This is the law that requires that citizens be able to register to vote at Departments of Motor Vehicles. Why? The law, Temple wrote, imposed "severe restrictions on the right to vote". "Driving is a privilege", he said.

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