Jose weakens to a tropical storm -NHC

Hurricane Jose is currently travelling in a clockwise circle but could go north later in the week

Hurricane Jose is currently travelling in a clockwise circle but could go north later in the week

According to the National Hurricane Center, at 11 p.m. Tuesday, Jose is now at 75 miles per hour.

It's expected to remain at hurricane intensity in the Western Atlantic as it takes an odd, looping path toward the United States and Bahamas later this weekend.

However, computer models have shifted Jose's potential path to the west on Thursday, the hurricane center said.

The storm is forecast to head a few hundred miles east of the U.S. East Coast, possibly bringing rough seas and rainfall.

The five-day track for Jose keeps it over the open Atlantic through Tuesday.

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A westward motion is the result of a ridge of high pressure to the north and then east of the storm. This will also prevent Jose from significantly strengthening. Many models have it eventually going up further in the Atlantic Ocean while a couple of models still have the potential for landfall somewhere in the USA, including North Carolina.

The National Hurricane Center recognizes this issue in its Wednesday morning forecasts for Jose, saying "there is a lot of uncertainty in the intensity forecast". This will likely mean an elevated rip current risk as well.

Jose already has threatened other hurricane-weary countries. At one point last weekend, Jose was a Category 4 hurricane.

Jose's unusual spin is because of weak steering currents that are letting it be jostled around by a large deep-layer trough to the northeast. If history is a guide, more will be on the way. The peak of hurricane season is generally from mid-August to mid-October. Many of our most memorable and infamous hurricanes have come in the second half of September and even into October. This would be a category 1 storm.

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