A Visionary Director's 'Blade Runner 2049'

Blade Runner 2049 review

Blade Runner 2049 review

Blade Runner 2049 review by Paul Heath.

The early critical buzz for the nearly three-hour sci-fi epic couldn't be more scorching, with many reviewers exclaiming that the movie comes close to, if not surpassing, the original, and 2049 now currently sits at a certified fresh rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.

There are moments when the action picks up where an astute viewer can feel the faintest touches of studio interference, but the exceptional story, cast, and visuals of "Blade Runner 2049" are second to none and alleviate any worries that even the most extreme of fans might have before the movie begins. "But the movie needed something different, and I needed to go back to something closer to Vangelis. I hope I have the chance to work with him again because I think he's really a fantastic composer".

GOSLING: "We were all immediately put at ease because we just felt like our greatest partner had arrived".

How everyone felt the weight of the original while making the sequel. "Blade Runner 2049" has a similarly appealingly murky vibe, but it is a bit more complex than "Arrival". As to which of the eight versions (!) you should revisit - they being the Workprint, the U.S. Theatrical Cut, San Diego Sneak Preview Cut, the International Cut, the U.S. Broadcast Cut, the Director's Cut and the Final Cut - is entirely up to you (we probably recommend the latter), but do go back to maximise your experience of "2049". "Tell the world there's no wall", says K's boss, played by Robin Wright, "you bought a war". "You won't be lost in it without having experienced the first film".

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FORD: "A walk in the park".

"Blade Runner" had a stylish, unique depiction of a semi-post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in 2019 with its rain-soaked streets at night and its ever-present neon lights that has stuck with audiences for more than three decades.

Speaking of effects - where there is a lot of them employed throughout - it never feels like you're watching something generated in a computer, and Villeneuve opts for practical props and big sets where possible.

One of the most fun and/or heartbreaking aspects of the new film is K's relationship with Joi (Ana de Armas), a woman who exists purely as a hologram - and yet so much more.

Within minutes, Gosling emerged from his own fit of giggles to pour himself a glass of whiskey. "(There are) human emotional stories within it, so there was a scope to it that was new to me and exciting to be a part of".

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