Microsoft exec all but confirms that Windows 10 Mobile is dead

Angry man

Angry man

In any event, Windows Phone 8 did mature over its short lifetime, gaining many features other platforms had had for ages.

It's official: Microsoft is no longer focusing on the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

Windows 10 Mobile certainly had its fans, but it appears the platform died because of the lack of interest from developers themselves. The problem has escalated so much so that even Microsoft has disbanding the operating system in favour of Android and iOS for a couple of its apps. But again, the lack of available users on the platform meant the developers would rather invest their time developing apps for iOS and Android who have a major share in the market.

Microsoft has been struggling ever since the introduction of Apple's and Samsung's operating systems, iOS and Android, respectively.

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In a series of tweets, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has revealed on the micro-blogging social media network that the software giant will no longer be bringing in hardware and feature updates to Windows Phone. It is worth noting that the most of the popular apps aren't developed for Windows platform simply because there aren't many Windows Phone users to cover the costs. It's just that Microsoft never confirmed it until recently.

The Verge also noted that a foreshadowing was evident during the Build and Inspire conferences.

Microsoft has been backing away from its mobile operating system and hardware during Satya Nadella's term as CEO. Instead, he stated that their focus now is on intelligent cloud and intelligent edge.

Microsoft was one of the first smartphone OS makers with Windows CE that powered PDAs way back in 1996 and later with Windows Phone in 2000. According to Belfiore, the company didn't leave any stone unturned to improve the adoption of the mobile OS. Based on his experience though, he shared that he only switched to competing devices due to the latter's app diversity. "Choose what's best for you". Plus AdDuplex estimates that as of last month, just 20.3% of Windows Phone devices were running Windows 10, with 73.9% still on Windows Phone 8.1.

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