Facebook: send nudes and we'll protect you against revenge porn

Facebook wants users to share their nude photos with it as it fights revenge porn

Facebook wants users to share their nude photos with it as it fights revenge porn

Facebook wants users to upload nude pictures of themselves to Messenger. The image can then be deleted, but Facebook will be able to prevent any further uploads of an image with the same digital signature.

Now the Facebook's new way to tackle revenge porn is going to be tested only in Australia although a Facebook spokesperson told the Guardian that it is exploring partnerships with other organisations in other countries to test something similar. The same, Facebook would like us to believe, will act to prevent anyone to get along with revenge porn tactics.

"Facebook is very hard as well because they don't provide you with a direct line of communication like Google Legal does", he continued.

Once the image is sent via Messenger, Facebook would use technology to "hash" it, which means creating a digital fingerprint or link.

On Facebook's part getting a nude photo from a users, analysing it - hashing it is the technical word - will help the website pre-empt the abuse of users.

Pirates can manipulate the timing of a video to throw Big G's crawlers off their game, and there's nothing to say that voyeurs won't distort images in a similar way - by applying a filter, for example - to fool Facebook's engine.

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Facebook told ABC News in Australia the social networking giant would "hash" images, marking them digitally in such a way that any attempted to upload them in future would be blocked.

Global head of safety at Facebook, Antigone Davis, said that Australia is one of four countries involved in this "industry-first" pilot to prevent re-sharing of intimate images on the Facebook family of sites.

So, what is "revenge porn?".

"Revenge porn is a huge problem and Facebook could be held liable for it, so they are trying to do something".

Facebook has come up with an unusual method of tackling the menace of revenge porn, one that might even seem insane as well. "We look forward to getting feedback and learning". If another user tries to upload the same image on Facebook or Instagram, Facebook will test it against its stored hashes, and stop those labeled as revenge porn from being distributed.

The technology prevents photos that have been previously reported or tagged as porn from being re-shared.

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