Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS launches out of preview

Edge is here for your iPhone if you want to put yourself through that

Edge is here for your iPhone if you want to put yourself through that

This morning, Microsoft's Edge app officially became available, exiting the preview stage on both iOS and Android. Microsoft has just released its famed Edge browser on the App Store, allowing you to move content and pick where you left off on your PC or iPhone. But its key feature, perhaps, is Continue on PC, which lets you open the web page you're looking at on your phone right on your PC, or save it to work on later.

The launch of Edge for iOS and Android comes as Microsoft moves away from developing its own mobile operating system.

The headline feature is undoubtedly Continue on PC, which makes it easy for users to transfer their browsing activity from their phones to a desktop or laptop running Windows 10.

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The Roaming Passwords feature will synchronize all saved passwords in Edge between the mobile and PC. This gives Edge's user interface an alternative appearance. Similarly, the Android version is available in the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada (English and French), China, France and India (English).

Additional markets and languages will be added over time, but Belfiore did not mention anything more detailed than that. Voice search allows users to ask a question and have Microsoft Edge look it up in "more natural, familiar ways" than traditional searches. The browser is light on resources and is quite swift when rendering pages. This means that you'll still have to juggle your information across two browsers if you're a big iPad user. "The grid overlays have also been improved: they now show line numbers, area names and adapt to the most complex CSS transforms".

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