Goodbye Friend 8/28/16

Goodbye Friend

My poem tonight named, Goodbye Friend, is in honor of my rescue dog and friend, Guinness, whom I had to have euthanized this past Friday for advancing Cancer and pain. He was estimated to be about 14 years old and he had been my dog since 2009. He was a great dog, on the sedentary side, as am I with my disabilities, and loved cuddling on the couch, the back yard, his orange fox without stuffing, and Little Cesars mixed with his dry food for dinner. His favorite treat was to eat pizza crust left over from the pizza.

I will truly miss him and don’t know if I will get another dog or not since I am 65 and getting more disabled. I am not sure if I would be able to handle the responsibilities of a dog at this point. However, there is talk of the family getting a “family dog” that would be a rescue who can grow up with the grandchildren when the time feels right. Certainly, that would be a welcome addition to the family.  Enjoy my poem. Susan…

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Nature Mockingly Smiles – A Poem 8/24/16

Nature Mockingly Smiles – A Poem

Last night I wrote Nature Mockingly Smiles – A Poem, after taking a walk in my front yard yesterday and noticing that there were four red leaves already on my small maple tree despite the fact that it was close to ninety degrees Fahrenheit in the early afternoon. Somehow, I felt autumn was trying to rush in when it was still August. No need to rush. We had plenty of time. Maybe it is me still adjusting to the seasons changing after living in Florida for over twenty years.

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Shadows and Truth

This poem, Shadows and Truth, was written by me late last night into the morning while I could not sleep. I struggled with a problem during the last few days causing me great distress. This led to difficulty praying and hearing the voice of God or the Holy Spirit. All I could hear was silence and my own condemnation with regret. My inner critic was working overtime. Finally, after writing, I was able to sleep which is my usual insomniac pattern. Once it is on paper, I can sleep.

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A Poem – The World Is A Mess 8/14/16

Tonight’s poem, A Poem – The World Is A Mess, is what I call an Evangelist Poem. Being a Christian, I feel I want to tell as many people as I can about Jesus and what He did for us and what He still does for us each day through His Holy Spirit. If you don’t know God…if you don’t know Jesus…read my poem and listen to what it says to your heart and soul. It won’t lead you astray. Promise. Susan.

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Life and Death 8/8/16

This poem, Life and Death, was written to demonstrate the juxtaposition between life and death and the dance we do with both as we live our lives. The two really are part of our soul and intermingled within us and each has their own perspective. What we learn from life and death not only is ours but is learned from generation to generation. Blessings can be passed on as well as curses and if you are smart enough, you can change the curses into blessings within your lifetime so that they don’t need to continue to be passed on to the next generation. Susan…

Life and Death can be both a blessing and a curse depending on the choices made. Find out how. Click To Tweet

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